Hunts & Pricing

Our hunt pricing philosophy is based on our guests paying for the quality of deer we are able to deliver. As a private family ranch, we only offer a limited number of hunts. We proudly take the responsibility for growing and delivering outstanding trophies, and will do everything possible to ensure our hunters leave with a trophy they are proud of. The hunts are all inclusive and cover lodging, food, non-alcoholic beverages, and guides. Our pricing begins with a base fee, and then is adjusted based on the B&C score of the buck you harvest. The pricing can be seen below.

Pricing :​

- 3 Day Base Fee: $3,000 for up to a 145" B&C Class Buck 

This price includes a *$1,500* non-refundable deposit that must be made at the time you confirm your reservation.


After this base fee, the price increases by $300 per inch based on the size of the deer you kill. These prices would follow as:

150" B&C Class Buck ---> $4,500

155" B&C Class Buck ---> $6,000

160" B&C Class Buck ---> $7,500

165" B&C Class Buck ---> $9,000

170" B&C Class Buck ---> $10,500

175" B&C Class Buck ---> $12,000

180" B&C Class Buck ---> $13,500

After 180" B&C, the price increases to $500 per inch based on the B&C score of the deer you kill. The prices would follow as:

185" B&C Class Buck ---> $16,000

190" B&C Class Buck ---> $18,500

*Drop tines will be billed at an extra $200 per inch. This fee will only be added to the total length of drop tine points. For instance, if a deer is a 160" class buck with 10" of drop tines, the total cost would be $9,500. This price would cover the $7,500 cost of a 160" buck (see above) and the extra $200 per inch fee assessed over the total 10" of drop tines creating a fee $2,000 and an overall cost of $9,500.*

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